Ecology within planning policy

Our ecological team has a comprehensive understanding of relevant planning policy, with commercial awareness and a thorough understanding of the socio-economic drivers for development.

Wildlife legislation is interpreted and implemented through national and local planning policy, and our team of ecologists and landscape planners help our clients keep abreast of any changes which might affect their development or operation.

We often help developers influence Council’s Local Plans, by aiming to shape planning policy as it is formed in an emerging Local Plan, or by explaining why a client’s site is not prevented, for ecological reasons, from being included in a Site Allocations Plan. This might involve Ecological Appraisal of a proposed strategic site to demonstrate an understanding of ecological issues and how they can be resolved.

We also work with Local Authorities, helping them prepare new Local Plans which are ecologically robust. Often our input takes the form of Habitats Regulations Assessment to support and guide emerging Local Plans in respect of their potential to impact upon European sites.


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