Arboriculture Consultancy

Planning legislation and guidance places an increasing importance on trees in the environment, particularly in relation to climate change. Successful appropriate retention of trees can benefit biodiversity, micro-climate, drainage, air quality and health and well-being, as well as enhancing the commercial value of new developments. However, trees in our environments can present a variety of challenges for the land-owners.

We offer a complete range of arboricultural consultancy services for projects at all scales, from multi-use developments to small extensions for individual houses.

We recognise the pressures on development land and we employ our broad arboricultural expertise and cross-sector experience to provide cost effective, enduring and defendable solutions.

Our early involvement can enable potential opportunities to be maximized and problems resolved or mitigated.

We combine technology and experience to provide helpful information and pragmatic solutions that can be easily coordinated with other survey or project information.

Our leaders in Arboriculture:

Simon Neesam

Kit Hardy 
MSc Arb & Urb For, MArborA

Key services include:

  • Tree surveys to BS5837:2012
  • Building damage and mortgage reports
  • Specialist tree surveys (e.g. air spade root surveys)
  • Arboricultural implications assessments
  • Arboricultural method statements
  • Planning negotiations for TPOs and trees in Conservation Areas
  • Tree condition surveys, safety audits and tree works specification
  • Felling licenses, forestry, tree and woodland management
  • Grant application
  • Tree strategies for local authorities
  • Veteran tree management 
  • CAVAT assessment