Practice profile

The Landscape Partnership Ltd is a practice of Chartered Landscape Architects, Chartered Ecologists, Chartered Environmentalists, and Arboricultrists, registered with the Landscape Institute and members of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment and the Arboricultural Association.

We have a substantial team of experienced landscape architects, urban designers, environmental planners, environmental co-ordinators and scientists; landscape managers, ecologists, arboriculturists and graphic designers based in Bedfordshire, London, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Since the practice was founded over 35 years years ago, in 1986, we have established a reputation for our integrity and comprehensive portfolio of work and have accumulated extensive experience in all aspects of environmental design and planning throughout a wide range of sectors.

Our approach

Our approach is based on a comprehensive understanding of the special qualities of a place and the natural processes and human interventions that form its context. We believe that this enables us to achieve a sustainable future, whilst responding positively to both the past and the present.

Environment and Design: Our integrated approach brings together our design skills and environmental knowledge to provide appropriate and thorough solutions to diverse, and often complex, projects.

Creative and Innovative: A comprehensive understanding of each site, together with our extensive knowledge of technical and environmental planning matters, informs our design process and helps us shape creative and innovative proposals.

Diversity and Identity: We recognize the importance of providing a sensitive response to the context of each site. By considering the variety of influences on the surrounding area, our clients, and the community, we are able to produce appropriate and sustainable solutions that meet both the needs of the present and the challenges of the future.

Our role

We are accustomed to working as:

  • lead consultants
  • environmental co-ordinators
  • specialists within multi-disciplinary teams
  • expert witnesses

We work at all stages of a project, but we can provide the most effective support when commissioned at the outset. The practice has established links with a range of specialists including archaeologists, architects, artists, cost consultants, chartered surveyors, engineers, environmental scientists, environmental auditors, lawyers, quantity surveyors, regeneration specialists, renewable resource consultants, and town planners. We can quickly put together a team of experts to meet the needs of specific projects.

Our clients

Our clients include government agencies, public bodies and local authorities; developers and contractors; charities and trusts and private companies and landowners.