Ecological Management Plans

The Landscape Partnership has extensive experience of providing conservation advice for developed and natural habitats, to statutory agencies, national bodies, local authorities, the private sector and community groups. We work closely with clients to set management objectives, deliver conservation management plans, and monitor to measure success.

Our management plans are tailored to purpose, for example for use in Section 106 agreements, to discharge planning conditions or as part of a BREEAM Landuse and Ecology assessment. Management plans take into account the habitats and species present, soil and water conditions, and most importantly, our clients’ aspirations, capabilities and constraints. Options may be produced and discussed so that we can find the management which achieves site needs and clients’ needs.

We provide guidance on ecological design and management for parks and open spaces, nature reserves, and leisure and recreation projects, taking into account any conflicting demands from multiple users. For example, we can help you provide the right amount of access to meet the Disability Discrimination Act requirements, yet maintain wildlife and the wilderness feeling. Many of our staff come from a background in conservation management, and we draw upon the open space design and delivery expertise of our landscape architects.


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