The Landscape Partnership
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We recognize the complexity of natural and man-made environments and the wide variety of factors bearing upon them. Our background and experience enable us to offer a comprehensive understanding of these environments, from the widest scale to the smallest detail, and provide a coherent overview.

We ensure the skills and experience of our committed staff are matched to the needs of the project, and offer –

a clear understanding of:
  • the complex relationships between physical and human environmental factors
  • European regulations, policies, strategies and legislation at a national and regional level
  • the policies, strategies and objectives of those with a stake in the environment
  • the importance of local issues and sensitive sites
  • technical factors affecting environmental issues and sustainability
an ability to:
  • assist clients in the development of projects, design briefs and feasibility studies
  • identify project requirements and assemble specialist teams
  • manage and coordinate projects and teams
  • provide creative, pragmatic and innovative solutions