The Landscape Partnership

Faraday School, London Borough of Southwark

A winning entry, as part of an SMC Alsop team, for a RIBA competition administered by Southwark Schools for the Future, RIBA and Aylesbury New Deals for Communities to design a flagship primary school on the Aylesbury Estate, currently under regeneration.

The concept aims to create a strong character and sense of place that will enable the school to take a key role at the heart of the community. It involves wrapping classroom and community activities around a central core to create a layering of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Stripes and layers of tree planting, providing a strong structure and identity to different areas and rooms, establish an oasis of woodland within this harsh and rapidly changing urban environment. A variety of external spaces pick up on the textures and spaces of leaf fall, overlapping tree canopies and woodland glades, to create a series of outdoor classrooms. The boundary treatment will be important to extend the influence of the school into the community and provide interest and diversity within the teaching and learning environment.
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