The Landscape Partnership

Ipswich Park and Ride

The Landscape Partnership worked in partnership with Suffolk County Council to deliver a park and ride facility to serve areas north-east of Ipswich.

A number of potential sites were identified and analysed before a shortlist of six was selected. Detailed environmental appraisals enabled the selection of the preferred site. Nonetheless, the chosen site is in a sensitive location, being located adjacent to a Special Landscape Area and incorporating a County Wildlife Site. The practice coordinated an Environmental Impact Assessment to quantify and address any issues arising.

Sustainability was key to the design of the facility; the proposals included permeable paving, a reed bed circulation system to filter waste water, and planting that would tolerate the hot, dry soil conditions of the site. The practice worked with the County to design a bus terminal building that responded to the landscape setting in its form, materials and colour, with a green roof as part of the sustainable drainage strategy. Mitigation measures were also produced to promote the site’s habitat value, including the promotion of acid grassland and provision of bat and bird boxes.
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