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Sustainable Drainage Design Guide for Cambridge

Water is an essential part of the Cambridge landscape. Strains on historic drainage systems and the challenges of climate change mean innovative new solutions to water management are needed. Sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) offer an excellent opportunity to introduce water in the landscape throughout the new communities that are planned for the City. SUDS will play a large part in shaping these neighbourhoods, enhancing the opportunities for leisure, play and education within the open spaces.

The design guide is primarily intended for use by developers and their consultants where they are seeking adoption of SUDS by Cambridge City Council within the public open space of new developments. It sets out the design and adoption requirements that the City Council require to ensure a smooth and satisfactory adoption process.

Included within the guide are design considerations and essential principles; a more detailed study of specific SUDS methods, such as ponds and wetlands, retention and infiltration basins, swales and filter strips, filter drains, canals rills and channel systems; as well as source control methods for private householder SUDS. The aim is to ensure that high quality SUDS are delivered that reduce flood risk, are easy to maintain and maximise the landscape, amenity and biodiversity potential of the scheme. Good quality SUDS should also help developments to adapt to the predicted effects of climate change.

Awarded in the Landscape Institute Awards 2010:

• President’s Award for best Landscape Architecture Project of the Year
• Landscape Policy Award
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